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Carry forward the spirit of scientists, shoulder the glorious mission, and bravely be the vanguard of high level science and technology self-reliance -- the proposal to the scientific and technological workers of Henan Civil Architecture Society

Release time: 2024-05-30Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society

Carry forward the spirit of scientists and shoulder the glorious mission

Brave when the high level of science and technology self-reliance spearhead

-- Proposal to scientific and technological workers of Henan Civil Engineering and Architecture Society

Learn the majority of scientific and technological workers:

The world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Scientific and technological innovation is the key variable, and scientific and technological workers have great responsibilities and glorious missions。May 30 this year marks the eighth National Science and Technology Workers' Day.。为深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,全面宣传以习近平同志为核心的党中央对广大科技工作者的亲切关怀和对科技工作的高度重视,We will vigorously promote the spirit of scientists,Enhance the sense of honor of science and technology workers and the sense of mission of science and technology for the country,To promote the development of new quality productivity,We will accelerate efforts to achieve self-reliance in science and technology at a high level,We propose the following initiatives to the society's scientific and technological workers:

——We should be firm in our ideals and convictions and take the lead in building a strong country。When science and technology flourish, the nation prospers, and when science and technology are strong, the country is strong。Achieving self-reliance in science and technology at a high level is the key to China's modernization drive。The vast majority of scientific and technological workers are born into a great era,We must consciously shoulder the heavy responsibility entrusted by The Times,Take the initiative to integrate personal dreams and pursuits into the great cause of Chinese-style modernization,Forge ahead with enthusiasm for a new journey and contribute to a new era,Deepen the feelings of family and country,Demonstrate the role of science and technology workers,Together, we will make new and greater contributions to writing a more brilliant chapter for the Central Plains in the new era。

——Adhere to self-reliance, strive to be a promoter of innovation and development。Scientific and technological innovation is the core factor of developing new quality productivity。The majority of science and technology workers should focus on "four aspects",Focus on the implementation of innovation-driven, science and education to revitalize the province, and talents to strengthen the province strategy,Focus on the innovative development of civil construction in Henan Province,The thoughts and actions of civil engineering and construction technology workers are condensed into the development of new quality productivity,Have the courage to reveal and take charge,Dare to overcome difficulties,Transform the advantages of innovation resources into advantages of industrial development,To lead the high-quality development of civil construction industry in Henan province with scientific and technological innovation。

——Adhere to the pursuit of value and become the inheritor of the spirit of scientists。Science and technology workers should actively practice socialist core values, vigorously promote the scientist spirit of "patriotism, innovation, truth-seeking, dedication, collaboration, and education", and adhere to the value pursuit of "science popularization and benefiting the people"。It will spread the seeds of science to the splendid Central Plains, promote the formation of a good social fashion conducive to innovation and creation, and continue to inject vitality into the source of high-quality development in Henan。

They are encouraged to stay on top of the tide。让我们更加紧密地团结在以习近平同志为核心的党中央周围,Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee,In the service industry and the high-quality development of regional economy and society,Build on the momentum and make great achievements,Create a more brilliant tomorrow for the civil construction industry in Henan Province,To "ensure high-quality construction of modern Henan.,Ensure a high level of modernization of Henan "to make new and greater contributions!

Henan Civil Architecture Society

May 30, 2024

I wish science and technology workers a happy holiday!!

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Henan Civil Architecture Society is a provincial, public welfare, professional and non-profit scientific and technological academic social organization voluntarily established by scientific and technological workers in the field of civil construction and relevant units in Henan province, approved by the provincial Civil Affairs Department and registered,Have independent legal personality;The competent unit shall be Science and Technology Association of Henan Province,Accept the supervision and administration of the provincial Civil Affairs Department,In business, we accept the guidance of China Civil Engineering Society, China Architectural Society and Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development。

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